Thank Cheap RS Goldyou  for reading and hope you can learn a lot more of this guide on training your character and can be much more Mesos MapleStory MapleStory!
Do you have wings, it is very difficult to train your character in Maplestory, this time I'll tell you where to train your character in MapleStory levrl 1 to 70, I hope you like it!

1 ~ 10.At this point, it's really simple, just keep doing the quest for maple island and change jobs quickly.

10 ~ 21st At this level, go to the slime you might need a few pots because if u are new to this game and have no money, no problem to run your master novice job gives u.Remember this self-ever resort to begging, you will be looked down at.So after the formation of mucus up to level 15 if you're still not bored continue training there, who knows, you could get a cape for the deployment Dex 100% can be sold for many for one just started there. If you are tired of sticky already go and kill the pigs in the range of pork you can find a lot of pigs running around this place is perfect for training, be careful of is getting a cast if you are under 45 years so it can be very difficult to kill, so if u see one just change the channel of ~ 0.21 31.At this point, you can go kerning party quest already congratulated the requirement of this quest is that you must have the person in your party 4 (from the range of rating level of 21 to 30 (you can always do it at level 30 if you want.

51 ~ 70.Go orbis party quest, or simply follow the training in Singapore (if you are a sea of ​​maple), failure to follow trainingSell MapleStory Mesos at coolies.