While fixing the bugs, Funcom also created the instances and the end game. In May 2010, Funcom released the Expansion Rise with the Godslayer. Firstly, a new race entered the game: The Khitans and a new place: Khitai, at the far east. The Khitans are the only race able to Buy RS Gold, but of course, not every subclass. A Khitan can be: Guardian, Dark Templar, Bear Shaman, Necromancer, Herald of Xotli, Demonologist, Assassin or Ranger. As you gain more and more reputation with your factions, more and more gear becomes available to you. At the moment, it is possible to get as much as level 4 in every faction. At level 1, you could buy some blue gear (for example chest) and it is possible to buy the blue Khitai legs at level 2. You have to wait to level 4 to get the purple gear and the eventual mount or pet.

You buy the gear with a bit of gold and MoAs and it goes rising with the gear and the level. You could buy the blue chest at level 1 for 90 MoA but the purple boots at level 4 for 980 MoAs. The endgame became much more exciting in Khitai with all these factions, all these quests, new dungeons and possibilities. In fact, Funcom ended up having more endgames than midgame. This is what the new extension, planned to come out around tomorrow, the 30th of August, is making up with. Funcom is opening a new area known as Turan. The place will be for level 50 to 80, so a lot of midgame, new solo dungeon, new dungeon scaling with your level, new level 80 raid and about 50 new quests.

At the same time, parts of the existing game are going to be revamp, new quests will come in the good old Hyboria, new rewards and other changes. If you buy the inline extension pack, you will be able to play Turan when it releases, you will get many bonuses (potions, level 20 mount, extra character slot, etc.) but you also will have one level 50 character more, so you could throw yourself in Turan from day one. Funcom has revealed the launch date for the Savage Coast of Turan pack as September 8th, although early access will begin starting August 31st for those that purchased the Early Access Bonus pack. The game is sat up to be released in relation with the new Conan film. If it works flawlessly, that might be a big win for Age of Conan. If it's as buggy as it was when they 1st started, it could very well mean the death from the game. Needless to say that I hope for the former possibility because I really enjoy RS GP, despite the bugs. And I hope this shows in my Age of Conan evaluation.